15x CPD for SERVIEW Summit25 participation

PeopleCert's training program - the Continuing Professional Development Programme - aims to strengthen your competitiveness in the job market.

Need to recertify every three years: To ensure that your expertise remains current, the program requires that you renew your Global Best Practices certifications within three years of their initial issuance. 

Options for recertification:

  1. You can repeat your original test before the expiration date.
  2. Participation in an advanced course within the same product suite before the expiration date and passing the corresponding exam.
  3. Collecting and documenting CPD points (see below) by completing further certifications, which can also extend your existing certificates.

You can view your specific options for renewing your certification in your personal PeopleCert® account.

Consequences of not being recertified: Without a current certification, you will continue to be listed in the Register of Successful Candidates (SCR) and in the Candidate Verification Service, but with the note that a renewal is necessary to meet the current standards.

Recertification with the help of CPD points: Recertification can be achieved by earning CPD points, which are documented in your MyPeopleCert account, subject to PeopleCert Plus membership.

Three ways to earn CPD points:

1. professional experience: This area forms the basis of your CPD points. It is necessary to collect at least 5 points from this area. Activities that generate points include:

  • The practical application of proven methods in the workplace.
  • Coaching and supporting colleagues in the implementation of these methods.
  • Mentoring of individuals or groups to promote their expertise.

2. professional education: In this segment, you can collect points through the following activities:

  • Acquisition of certifications from PeopleCert or other recognized certification bodies.
  • Completion of professional qualifications awarded by recognized institutions.
  • Participation in in-house training courses, e-learning sessions and webinars.
  • Reading specialist books, articles, research reports, white papers or listening to relevant podcasts.

3. contribution to the community (Community Contribution): Get involved in your professional community by:

  • Organization of specialist events or best practice workshops.
  • Active participation in online forums of your professional community.
  • Writing articles and posts that drive thought leadership in your industry.
  • Participation in or attendance at industry conferences and events.
  • Volunteering to share knowledge and experience within your community.

Awarding of points: One CPD point is awarded for each hour of commitment in each of the above areas (e.g. you receive 15 CPDs for attending the SERVIEW Summit). You are free to choose your activities in the areas of "Professional Education" and "Community Contribution" as long as the minimum requirement in "Professional Experience" is met.

For each product family (e.g. ITIL), you must submit at least 20 CPD points in different CPD categories each year for 3 consecutive years. Your certification will then be extended for a further 3 years.

For your participation in the SERVIEW Summit25 (Conference-Package Nugget 1-5) you will receive the maximum CPD points of 15, which you submit directly via your PeopleCert account.