The event before the event - the pre-Conference: Workshops and trainings that inspire

Before the SERVIEW Summit officially starts on Wednesday, May 15, we will saddle up the horses on Monday and take you to the Wild West of the pre-conference. Here, clever sheriffs, brave cowboys and innovative pioneers will come together in workshops, training sessions and the Pony Express to explore the frontiers of IT.

Use the infectious energy of the BMPK to take your professional development to a new level.

Depending on the nugget you have booked, you can look forward toConference:

The Pony Express from Nugget 2 and Nugget 4

Pony Express "Brown Bag Session"

Look forward to informative discussions over breakfast! At the brown bag session on Wednesday morning, we will bring you up to date. A forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Discover the ITSM-TOOL MEETUP. One room, six manufacturers, six tables, three sessions of 45 minutes each and a charged atmosphere - that's the concept of the ITSM-TOOL MEETUP. You can find an overview in the BMPK app.

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Pony Express
"Guided Tour"

A tour guide will accompany you through the Expo and explain everything to you. Find out what each exhibitor has to offer, where you can find specific products and what choices are available to you.

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Discover the workshops from Nugget 3

ITSM simulation
Apollo 13

In the Apollo simulation, you will experience ITSM in practice in order to master the application of ITIL 4 concepts in real scenarios.

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OKR in 180 minutes

In this workshop you will learn how OKR (Objectives and Key Results) are used to clearly define and achieve goals.

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Design Thinking in 180 minutes

Discover Design Thinking to develop creative problem-solving approaches and implement innovative ideas effectively.

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Storytelling in 180 minutes

This workshop teaches storytelling techniques to improve your communication skills and get your message across effectively.

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Our trainings from Nugget 4 at a glance

ITIL 4 Foundation

The ITIL 4 Foundation training teaches basic IT service management concepts for effective processes and improved service quality according to the latest ITIL 4 standards.

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ITIL 4 How to implement

This training enables the successful implementation of ITIL principles to enable efficient service processes and continuous improvement in companies.

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TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation

The TOGAF Standard. 10th Edition Foundation training course provides basic knowledge for the successful application of the TOGAF framework in enterprise architectures.

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Leading SAFe 6.0

The Leading SAFe 6.0 training provides managers with comprehensive knowledge about the application of SAFe principles for agile business scaling.

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Our trainings from Nugget 5

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy training: Strategic approaches for digital transformation and effective IT management according to ITIL 4.

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ITIL 4 Monitor, Support & Fulfil (MSF)

ITIL 4 Monitor, Support & Fulfil (MSF) training: Practice-oriented training for monitoring, support and fulfillment of ITIL 4 principles.

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ITIL 4 Plan, Implement & Control

ITIL 4 Plan, Implement & Control (PIC) training: Practical knowledge for the planning, implementation and control of ITIL 4 processes and strategies.

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